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Pens at the London Stationery Show

Posted on May 1, 2017 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (0)

TheWrittenArtist visited the London Stationery Show at the Business Design Centre in Islington, April 2017.

Tying out pens, yet more pens, and talking to all sorts of people who sell and make pens.

Clients sometimes ask me about pens - in coaching, I tend to use everyday working pens that I can rely on. If you have had a coaching session with TheWrittenArtist you will know that I tend to bring a variety of pens to try out.

Finding the right pens that suit your hand can instantly improve handwriting, and the pleasure of writing.

When I used a fountain pen, years ago, they were still splodgy and splashy. I don't really mind inky fingers, except they can smudge the paper. Fountains pens, even at entry level, have considerably moved on and I think I'm about to become a personal convert.

I was especially impressed with Studio Pens, who allowed me to make and keep a lovely wee fountain pen similar to this:

Clients ask and I respond. I will be starting a new page on this site of my pen discoveries and recommendations, perhaps even a shop. It's very personal how a pen feels in the hand and to write with. It's a quest. Perhaps you are already a collector of these beautiful and practical artefacts. They express words, they communicate meanings. The pen is mightier than the computer.

Artists Signature workshop, Pure Arts

Posted on November 25, 2016 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Very productive artist signature workshop at Pure Arts in Battle.

Several responsive artists came up with some tremendous signature solutions. Signing work legibly, with a little flair and considered placing is such an important aspect of art, but often neglected.

TheWrittenArtist. Developing an artist signature – making your mark workshop

Create an artist's signature that makes your mark in the artworld. Clarify authenticity and legacy issues with a legible signature on your artworks that is in keeping with your medium and an enhancement of your style.

Guess the artist – signature game Famous, Anonymous or Illegible?

Session 1: Your artistic persona, personal branding, signature as ambassador

Issues: Professionalism

Activity 1: Starting where we are - identifying issues, legibility, appropriateness, style, aims, desire

Session 2: Historical, anonymous works, legacy

Issues: Authenticity, legacy, value

Activity 2: Collecting material to work with - names, words, symbols, figures, writing, drawing

Session 3: Contemporary context, collectors, value

Issues: Fashions and trends in signing works

Activity 3: Devising new symbols, letter formations - this is the magic bit! Artist monograms

The Goede Game - art game devised in memory of artist Jules de Goede. Finding the right place when there is no right place.

Session 4: Signature across media - best practice

Issues: Timing, digital online, copyright

Activity 4: Forming new signature, devising methods to practice and remember

The Artist Signature - notes

  • Make your handwriting and signature your ambassadors
  • Personal branding current buzzword, but key professionalism for artists
  • Signing work – include the year
  • Legibility for clarification
  • Physical work – sign upon completion using same medium
  • Practice placement and scale on tracing paper
  • Digital work – always name, title, date in each file
  • Employ digital copyright measures
  • Signed work:
  •       increases value – collectors prefer
  •       aids authenticity
  •       resolves legacy issues
  • Decisions/fashions – signing front recto or back verso
  • Different types of signature – one for cheques, one for work
  • The artist signature is like a drawing to convey artist self


TheWrittenArtist November 2016


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