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Artists Signature workshop, Pure Arts

Posted on November 25, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Very productive artist signature workshop at Pure Arts in Battle.

Several responsive artists came up with some tremendous signature solutions. Signing work legibly, with a little flair and considered placing is such an important aspect of art, but often neglected.

TheWrittenArtist. Developing an artist signature – making your mark workshop

Create an artist's signature that makes your mark in the artworld. Clarify authenticity and legacy issues with a legible signature on your artworks that is in keeping with your medium and an enhancement of your style.

Guess the artist – signature game Famous, Anonymous or Illegible?

Session 1: Your artistic persona, personal branding, signature as ambassador

Issues: Professionalism

Activity 1: Starting where we are - identifying issues, legibility, appropriateness, style, aims, desire

Session 2: Historical, anonymous works, legacy

Issues: Authenticity, legacy, value

Activity 2: Collecting material to work with - names, words, symbols, figures, writing, drawing

Session 3: Contemporary context, collectors, value

Issues: Fashions and trends in signing works

Activity 3: Devising new symbols, letter formations - this is the magic bit! Artist monograms

The Goede Game - art game devised in memory of artist Jules de Goede. Finding the right place when there is no right place.

Session 4: Signature across media - best practice

Issues: Timing, digital online, copyright

Activity 4: Forming new signature, devising methods to practice and remember

The Artist Signature - notes

  • Make your handwriting and signature your ambassadors
  • Personal branding current buzzword, but key professionalism for artists
  • Signing work – include the year
  • Legibility for clarification
  • Physical work – sign upon completion using same medium
  • Practice placement and scale on tracing paper
  • Digital work – always name, title, date in each file
  • Employ digital copyright measures
  • Signed work:
  •       increases value – collectors prefer
  •       aids authenticity
  •       resolves legacy issues
  • Decisions/fashions – signing front recto or back verso
  • Different types of signature – one for cheques, one for work
  • The artist signature is like a drawing to convey artist self


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