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TheWrittenArtist Method

What to expect

Handwriting, signature and autograph sessions are always as individual as each person, however, over time I have developed methods of coaching and tutoring in handwriting, drawing and art which produce results.

I always work with what is already in hand, so we will look at your current handwriting, signature or autograph, and identify areas you would like to improve. We will also discuss any current issues you have with handwriting, perhaps legibility or fatigue.

Then we will look at specifics - sometimes it may be a new way of writing one letter that makes a difference, or a shift in the way you hold a pen - small changes and alterations are achievable, and trying out new formations can be liberating.

Style is really what it's all about, and that comes from the individual. I work with you to draw out a style that suits your personality and the purpose of the writing - perhaps a decisive and business-like signature, an artistic script, or something in keeping with your personal branding choices. 

We will turn weaknesses into strengths, and find solutions you are happy with.

Forming an autograph is a creative process where we work with symbols and ideas around your persona or brand in order to come up with something that says who you are and what you are about in the most efficient way. The aim is always to devise an autograph that can be completed with one or two movements of the pen, reducing fatigue in repetition while giving the public a valuable memento.

It takes practice and repetition to establish changes in handwriting, so I detail how to practice and remember your new script. I also give you a portfolio with the pages we have worked through, in order, to remind you of the process, so your handwriting development can be refreshed at any time. 

Whether you book a one-off session, follow-ups and refreshers, or a fuller bespoke curriculum, I look forward to the constructive and enjoyable process of working with you to develop your handwriting, signature or autograph, and make your mark.

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