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Personal Coaching

Handwriting & Style

Perhaps you would like to develop more distinctive handwriting,
 A more legible hand,
  A beautiful style,
   An expressive signature.

Perhaps you would like your handwriting to be more elegant,
 Or old habits cause arm or hand fatigue when writing,
  Or your handwriting does not do your communications justice.

It's never too late to improve and develop handwriting. It takes some practice and repetition, but personal coaching sessions with a professional handwriting artist can unlock flair, enjoyment and self expression in handwriting.

Handwriting is in effect a form of drawing. TheWrittenArtist is an experienced tutor of adult learners and art students in drawing, enabling them to gain confidence in mark-making and composition. Small improvements or larger transformations are all possible in handwriting, enhancing skills, increasing legibility and developing personal style.

Personal Signature
Your signature is a personal expression of your identity, adding distinction to personal letters and documents. Used for authenticity, proof of identity and intention, a developed signature is more difficult to forge or falsify than normal writing. A readable signature is a valuable asset in identification, witnessing and legacy issues. More private than an autograph, your signature can express personality and character in a recognisable and legible fashion.

Formal Signature
Some clients prefer to have a more formal signature for documents such as legal contracts and wills.

Develop a personal autograph suitable for repetitive writing. A unique signature symbol can express your public personality or brand with a flourish.

Why have a different signature and autograph?

Your personal signature has legal and identity implications and is often best used in private matters. 

While an autograph may not be suitable for signing contracts, it's a valuable memento for supporters and fans, and a great way to make your mark with family and friends.

Artist signature

Create an artist's signature that is much more than an afterthought. Clarify authenticity and legacy issues with a legible signature on your artworks that is in keeping with your medium and an enhancement of your style. Signatures can be created across media, both for physical works - paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures, and in digital media - photography and video.

Changing Style
I work with clients to enhance the handwriting and signatures they already have in hand, usually making small but significant alterations which can easily be practised and incorporated. Styles are usually consistent with current writing unless the client plans a complete makeover. Clients may already have a signature registered with banks and institutions, and if the new signature greatly differs from the old, clients may wish to consider registering the updated signature once it is established.

Personal Branding

Your personal brand is a reflection of your individuality and identity. Once a notion just for business, now personal branding is a concept that makes sense for the individual. Your handwriting, signature and autograph write your calling card in life, conveying something of your style, your values and character, and your attention to detail. Take charge of this valuable communication tool by refreshing your handwriting, upgrading your signature, and having an expressive autograph to hand. 

Business & Professional

In professional transactions, little beats the personal touch of a handwritten note of appreciation, or a thoughtful card or letter. Ensuring your handwriting is clear, and a true reflection of your values and style, makes the thought count, while a memorable and distinctive signature makes the right impression. 

As a trained academic notetaker I have vast experience in writing and laying out notes. I can give personalised insights, hints and tips in more efficient methods of making notes for improved personal notetaking in meetings, journaling and list-making.

It may be surprising to learn that TheWrittenArtist is dyslexic - a condition that varies as much as individuals. Dyslexia is clearly not a barrier to developing legible or beautiful handwriting, and in fact dyslexic people are often very drawn to and fascinated by text. They tend to be good at spotting misprints and misspellings, and may have other natural advantages in reading and writing. This may well be an unconventional view of dyslexia, but through personal experience, research and coaching people with difficulties in handwriting, TheWrittenArtist offers confidence, legibility and style development to dyslexic handwriters.

Sessions & Curriculum
Handwriting coaching sessions can be individual one-offs - usually one hour in duration is most effective. Follow-up sessions can be booked to accelerate progress. A bespoke handwriting curriculum over several sessions can be created for the client.

Workshops & Corporate
Group sessions, workshops and professional development in any aspect of handwriting, legibility, effective notetaking, developing signatures or autographs can be arranged for executives, small groups, artist groups, couples or families. Sessions can be individual one-offs - usually one to two hours is most effective, or a series with a bespoke curriculum.


Celebrity and talent agencies are welcome to make a block booking, all-day or a half-day, for several clients.

Pens & Papers
For individual and small group coaching sessions TheWrittenArtist will be prepared with a variety of pens and papers, and no additional materials are required. However, clients may wish to use their own familiar pens and papers. For larger group sessions and workshops, pens, papers and materials will be discussed upon booking.

Gift voucher
For a thoughtful gift or for professional development, a handwriting coaching session may be purchased as a gift voucher. I send a beautiful handwritten card to the client or directly to the recipient on arrangement, detailing the service, contact details, and how to redeem the personal coaching session. A convenient location will be arranged, usually the client's home or business.
Sessions can concentrate on any aspect of handwriting such as developing a beautiful signature or bespoke autograph. Gift vouchers will remain valid for 12 months from issue, and bookings normally require at least two week's notice.

TheWrittenArtist handwriting services are usually available in the London area only. Bookings in other locations may occasionally be possible by arrangement, and fees would reflect additional time and travel costs from London.

Fees for personal coaching sessions, workshops & gift vouchers upon application.

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